Tuesday, September 1, 2009

August in Review

Hey Everyone! Time for the August in Review post! It's been a great summer! So here we go:

August 1st we had a Bair family get-together at my Great-Aunt Donna & Great-Uncle Mike's cabin at Patoka Lake. This was particularly great because we don't get to spend much time w/ this part of our extended family...we usually only get together as a family at Christmas. The day was spent hanging out and, of course, eating! Zoe enjoyed the day very much, and got to spend some time w/ her cousins, a few of which are very close in age to her. See photo of Zoe eating dinner w/ her cousins Caleb & Addy. And no, they aren't that much bigger than her, she's just sitting in a shorter chair!

So, we've been working on the potty-training! What an exciting time! Zoe's starting to figure it out, but we're still not all the way there yet...but she does love to wear "big girl panties"! Papaw Dave's birthday (August 9th) was the first time Zoe wore big girl panties and she had a good time. We went outside to save the carpet from a mess, which of course, she did eventually make! But, look how cute she is!

August 10th: Aunt Jenna brings Zoe a new kitty! What a great present and Zoe loves him! Here is Zoe with her new pal, Hootie (picture taken on 8/14...Zoe exactly 19 months old).

August 14th is also the day our good friends, Jami & Ed had their baby girl, Katelyn Rose. We got the opportunity to visit them in the hospital on the 15th, but I forgot my camera! Anyway, there were some pictures taken of Zoe & Katelyn from our visit there, but I got some good ones on the 21st when we visited them at their home. Zoe was very intrigued by the new baby, and seemed to like her, but did get a little rough at times! Oh, and she's not wearing clothes because we stripped her to eat supper and she just prefers to run around without clothes!

August 28th: I got the opportunity to take the day off work to visit my good friend and former USI roommate from Northern Indiana that I haven't seen in 5 years and her baby girl that I had never met! Tab & Isabella (and some of her family) made the 5+ hour trip to Santa Claus to go camping and go to Holiday World and Splashin' Safari. I couldn't pass up the chance for our girls to meet each other and play. And Isabella is almost exactly 7 months younger than Zoe, but she's nearly exactly the same height and weighs about 4 or 5 pounds more! They had fun though, and I was so happy to see them...hope we can do it again next year and hopefully next time we can go to Holiday World together!

And here's Zoe at Lake Rudolph on our visit w/ Tab & Bella...CUTE!!!
Here we are w/ our girls!!!!

August 29th: OK, so I know Duane's birthday isn't until the 19th of December, but he's turning 30 this year and I had to throw him a party. Duane's aunt Jean turned 40 this year on August 18th and we had a camping trip to my cousin's cabin and lake for the weekend before Labor day planned for some time. So, Duane gets this idea that we should make it a surprise 40th birthday party for Jean. Meanwhile, Jean and I come up w/ this plan to make it a surprise 30th birthday party for Duane. We had this whole evil scheme planned and it completely threw him off. Anyway, we got him good...here are some pictures from the day:

So, Duane thought Jean was saying prayer and wishing his Dad a happy birthday (which is the story I told him so that Jean could know about the party that was supposedly for her). So while she is wishing Dave a happy birthday, he sneaks over and puts this 'Over the Hill' hat on her. Boy, was he surprised when she puts it on his head and gives him a cake that says 'Happy 30th Birthday, Duane!'

Here's Zoe enjoying her Daddy's birthday cake!

August 30th: Zoe's first all-up pony! I'm so excited that I can FINALLY get it all up into a ponytail and she looks so adorable! And, she also got a new sandbox (finally found one on clearance...even better!)

Zoe enjoying her new turtle sandbox

So, that pretty much sums up August! Have some exciting things planned for September, and I just can't wait! Until next time...

Sunday, August 2, 2009

July in Review

I know this post has been WAY overdue! Summer is always a really busy time w/ outdoor activities and such. I will try my best to update you on what's been going on lately. So, here it goes; July in Review:

So, let's start w/ the 4th festivities. We celebrated Zoe's 2nd 4th of July by going to our good friends' home and had food and fireworks. It was a very mild day and rainy...actually had to get out our hoodies for the fireworks show. Here's Zoe in her July 4th shirt that Grandma Debbie sent from Louisiana, before she moved to Tennessee.
Zoe is officially in a BIG GIRL bed! We took the front rail off her crib and turned it into a toddler daybed, complete w/ new bedding! I was so excited to finally get her something more girly since we didn't know what we were having when we got the infant bedding, which was farm animals (of course, Daddy picked that out!) She is so proud!
Zoe had her 18-month well baby check-up w/ Dr. Bies on July 15th...she has moved to the 50th percentile in height (31 3/4 inches) and still is below the 5th in her weight (18 lb. 15 oz...so I'm calling that 19 pounds...I knew I should've given her an extra cookie before that appointment!) Just a few days later, she wakes up w/ HIVES!! Dr. believes they were viral...after just one dose of the oral steroid, they were virtually gone.

Then there was our mini-vacation weekend. It started w/ the Dubois County 4-H Fair on Thursday evening, July 23rd. Zoe had a ball and really enjoyed most of the animals. She also really liked the elephant ears. Here's Daddy and Zoe w/ a horse (which is currently one of Zoe's favorite animals, along w/ dogs and kitties).
Then from the fair we went to Lake Rudolph for our camping/Holiday World weekend. On Friday, the 24th Duane, Zoe, Camren (Duane's godson) and I went to Holiday World & Splashin' Safari. Zoe really enjoyed herself and I got a ton of cute pictures. Here is Zoe on the antique cars and also a family pic w/ the Santa statue.

Now we've made it to Strassenfest weekend, which is a huge event in Jasper. This year I decided to enter Zoe's picture in the Baby Photo Contest. Here's the picture I entered, which I actually took at the end of June and the Jaycee Park in Jasper while were attending a family reunion:
I'm proud to say that Zoe placed 15th of 96 entries...based on how much money people had placed into their boxes to benefit the La Leche League. So exciting! She won a gift certificate and toy from a local children's store.
Well, that about sums up July, 2009. Look for August to have a similar post. Until next time...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Well, I know it's been 2 weeks...we've been busy!!

I'll start w/ last weekend...had my goddaughter, Averie's birthday party and unfortunately, she wasn't feeling very well so it didn't quite go as planned...Zoe had a good time though! Then we went to Joel & Heather's party and had a wonderful time...just love this time of year with all the good cook-out food! Zoe's pigtails were a big hit (see pic!).

Now on to this weekend...Zoe has been sleeping in a bit more on the weekends...thank goodness! That 7 AM business was for the birds! Anyway, we went to our friends Miranda and Adam's baby shower/pool party Saturday evening then Mom came and got Zoe and she spent the night w/ Mamaw & Papaw. Good times...really miss hanging out w/ all our friends...wish we could do it more often! Zoe went to church w/ Mamaw this morning and then they all went out to breakfast w/ Grandpa for Father's Day. I met up w/ them at my aunt's to go swimming and Zoe had a ball floating around (see next pic!). Duane and I finally got in a peaceful trip to Walmart!!!
That's been about it...we have such a busy summer planned and we're lovin' it! We have stuff going on for the next month!! Hope everyone else's summer is going as well as ours is!!

Until next time...

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gotta love the BEAUTIFUL weather!!

This is Zoe saying "CHEESE!"

What a gorgeous weekend here in Indiana!! Zoe got a new pool (thanks Papaw Dave and Grandma Renna!) and we spent quite a bit of time in it this weekend. She loves it, but is still a little bit afraid to sit down in it since the water is a bit deep when she sits...makes her a little nervous! See pic of pool fun!

We had a very relaxing weekend...nothing was planned (unlike most weekends we'll have this summer!)...got to relax and do what we wanted and nothing was scheduled! Why is it then that Zoe doesn't sleep past 7 AM??? I think she plans it! We had a wonderful time hanging out with our friends, Jami & Ed, Saturday night...we had a wienie roast right in our driveway, with s'mores and homemade potato salad...great times!!

Well, the date is official for the Kleinhelter/Terwiske wedding...it is set for April 10, 2010! We are very excited and can't wait for the upcoming graduation/engagement/house groundbreaking party next weekend! Should be a great time! CONGRATS JOEL & HEATHER!!!! Love you guys!

OK, I guess it's time to get ready for bed and prepare for the week ahead...already looking forward to the weekend! Should be a good post next weekend (or at least I will try my best to post again next weekend...I've been slacking!)...not only Joel & Heather's party but also my goddaughter Averie's 4th birthday party!

Until next time...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Zoe w/ Kendra...she was like "Get me outta here!!"

At cousin Kale's graduation party...(see Heather's ring???)

Looking festive for Memorial Day!

Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend...I know I sure did! They always go too fast though! We had a very busy weekend...my baby cousin, Kendra, graduated from NDHS on Saturday (Valedictorian...impressive!) and her graduation party was Sunday. Also had 2 other graduation parties Saturday night after commencement. Zoe was an absolute TERROR at the ceremony (which I knew she would be, but pretty much anyone who could watch her was at the commencement!) so we spent the vast majority of it outside. And, I GOT THE SCRAPBOOK DONE!!! WOOHOO!!! And I actually had it finished Saturday night and delivered it to Kendra Sunday morning...and I'm happy to report that she loved it...she said it was even better than Theo's (her brother whose scrapbook I also did 3 years ago when he graduated).

Well, not much else to report...we've had a pretty lazy day today...recovering from the busy weekend. We ate pizza and brownies at Mom & Dad's this evening with the entire family...OH, HOW COULD I FORGET THE BIG NEWS???? Joel & Heather are officially ENGAGED!!!! I intended to get a picture, but it didn't happen...We are all so excited...no date officially yet, but probably sometime next year...

Enjoy some pics...as you tell, Zoe was terribly hot and grouchy in her pic w/ the new grad!

Until next time...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Late Weekend Update

Whew! That was a whirlwind of a weekend! I was so happy to have the day off work Friday so I could spend some time w/ Duane and Zoe. We were joined by Duane's cousin, Paul and his wife, Alicia, and their daughter, Renee', who is just 5 days older than Zoe! Paul just returned from Iraq a couple of weeks ago and he and his family are home for just a short time from Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC. Anyway, the six of us went to Big Splash Adventure, the new indoor water park in French Lick and had a great time! The girls loved it, although it took a little longer for Zoe to warm up to the slides than it did for Renee'! We enjoyed some pizza for lunch at Chicago's, then went back to the water park for a little while before heading to the cabin for some bean soup, ham, and cornbread w/ my grandma for Mother's Day. Dad had brought her from the nursing home for a visit.

On Saturday, Alicia, Renee', Zoe, and I walked in the 5K in memory of Payton Hopf. After that we just hung out the rest of the day here at our house, playing outside and in the bathtub! On Sunday, we headed down to Duane's aunt's in Evansville where we met up w/ several members of the Voegerl clan to celebrate Paul's homecoming. It was then, after we left Aunt Jean's and went to Walmart that Zoe threw up ALL OVER her carseat while in the drive-thru at McDonald's. She hadn't really eaten much since Friday morning and she hadn't been acting herself...even told Duane if she didn't perk up on Monday that he should take her to see Dr. Bies. Well, that's where she went on Monday...she didn't throw up anymore and had already sort of started eating and drinking again...diagnosis: sore throat! No strep...

Well, sorry it's late...been pretty busy around here! Enjoy a few pics of the weekend!

Until next time...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Got some scrappin' done for NSD!!

Lovin' Averie's play jewelry!

Playing on the steps...a favorite!

Nothing better than scrappin' and going to the Doodlebug on National Scrapbook Day! That's how I spent my Friday night and Saturday while Zoe stayed overnight w/ Grandma & Grandpa. I'm pretty pleased w/ what I got finished, but I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me for the next couple of weeks! Maybe as soon as I finish posting this, I'll work on it some more, assuming that Zoe keeps napping!

All in all, it's been a rather relaxing weekend...last night Dad made salmon patties at the cabin so we went there and visited w/ Mom & Dad, Joel & Heather, and of course the zoo (Shadow, Bella, & Mia!) Today, Zoe and I went to Chris, Ashlee, & Averie's to FINALLY give Averie her Easter present! Then Zoe and I went to McDonald's for lunch and then went to Walmart for our weekly adventure there...she fell asleep on the way home and here we are! Just doing laundry and will soon figure out what to have for supper!

Can't believe May is here already and graduation and wedding season is once again upon us! Starting to get really excited about the camping season!

Enjoy the pics I took this afternoon while at Ash & Ave's...Averie really wasn't in the mood for pictures or to play w/ Zoe!

Until next time...